Published: 2016-09-03

Atypical presentation of intra-articular osteochondroma of knee in adolescent- case report

Anil Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Garg, Rajkumar Harshawal, Umesh Meena, Arun Partani


Osteochondroma is most common benign bone tumor around knee joint. They occur during the period of growth, grows away from joint line and rarely responsible for mechanical symptoms. This paper reports a rare presentation of intra-articular osteochondroma in knee with mechanical instability symptoms, mild to moderate pain and swelling of knee joint. Patient was 20 years old male and misdiagnosed as chronic nonspecific synovitis, tubercular arthritis and anterior cruciate ligament tear of knee. We assessed him clinically and radiologically and diagnosis was established based on MRI and arthroscopy. He was treated by open excision of tumor, and patients recover uneventfully. Instability of knee joint in this case can be attributed due to rough surface of osteochondroma just beneath lower attachment of patellar tendon.


Intra-articluar, Osteochondroma, Knee, Instability

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