Standard cross leg flap, still a work horse for compound fracture leg bones with extensive soft tissue damage: a case report


  • Rajneesh Galwa Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr. S. N. Medical College, Jodhpur, India
  • Pookhraj Choudhary Department of Orthopaedics, Raj Hospital, Jodhpur, India
  • Ramratan Yadav Department of General Surgery, Dr. S. N. Medical College, Jodhpur, India



Leg defect, Standard cross leg flap, STSG


This case report presents a 32 year old male patient with h/o road traffic accident resulting in compound fracture of the right tibia and fibula with extensive soft tissue injury and exposed tibia of 12×5 cm. The fractures were stabilized with ext. fixator and exposed tibia was covered by a medially based standard Cross Leg flap of dimensions 16×12 cm, though the largest dimensions described for standard cross leg is 22×10 cm.


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