Published: 2017-04-25

Comparison study of compound fractures of tibial shaft treated by titanium and stainless steel interlocking nails

Pratik J. Vinchhi, Sharvil H. Gajjar, Tirth Vyas, Yatin Patel


Background: The purpose of the present study was to compare the outcomes of compound fractures of tibia shaft managed by Solid Titanium and Stainless Steel interlocking intramedullary nailing.

Methods: This is a retrospective study of 45 patients with 45 open fractures of tibia shaft operated primarily by either Solid Titanium or Stainless steel tibia interlocking nail.

Results: In Our Study we had 45 patients with 45 open tibial fractures. All were male. 35 patients were from 20-50 years age group. Mean age was 36.4 years. In this study of 45 open tibial fractures following strict protocol of thorough debridement, primary wound closure and Solid Titanium or stainless steel interlocking nailing; it was observed at final follow up that patients operated by titanium nail compared to stainless steel had 6.45% vs. 14.29% infection rate, 12.9% vs. 21.89% rate of non-union and 3.22% vs. 7.14% screw breakage rate. According to modified ketenjian’s criteria in our study out of 31 patients operated by Titanium interlocking nail 17 (54.84%) excellent, 10 (32.26%) Good, 3(9.68%) fair and 1(3.22%) poor functional results while out of 14 patients managed by stainless steel nail 8 (57.14%) excellent, 3 (21.43%) good, 1 (7.14%) fair and 2 (14.28%) poor functional results.

Conclusions: In open tibial fractures titanium interlocking implants offer lower complication rate as compared to stainless steel implants and better overall patient outcome.


Open fracture, Tibia, Titanium, Stainless steel, Interlocking nail, Modified Ketenjian’s criteria

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