A prospective study on operative management of displaced fracture of midshaft of clavicle

Mohammed Ismail Hathiwale, Prakash A. Sasnur, Md. Johorul Islam Tapadar


Background: Clavicle fractures had been traditionally treated non-operatively which resulted in high rates of non-union. The present study has been undertaken to study the role of precontoured locking compression plate in the fixation of mid-third clavicle fractures.

Methods: We reviewed the results of 25 cases of displaced middle third clavicle fractures (Robinson type 2B) which were treated with open reduction and internal fixation with pre-contoured locking compression plate at Al-Ameen Medical College and Hospital.

Results: Out of 25 patients operated with precontoured LCP, 21 were male and 4 were female patients. One patient had hypertrophic scar, one patient had plate prominence, two patients had delayed union and one patient had implant failure, none of them developed non-union. Constant Murley score was excellent in 19, good in 4 and fair in 1 patient and poor in 1 patient.

Conclusions: Precontoured locking compression plate fixation has better functional outcome, immediate pain relief, early return to function and avoids complications of conservative methods.


Midshaft clavicle fracture, Precontoured LCP, Functional outcome

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