Teriparatide therapy in joint replacement surgery: mitigating complications and improving patient outcomes in osteoarthritis


  • Yogesh Chaudhari Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Joint Replacement Surgery, Nine Pearls Hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra, India




Osteoarthritis, Teriparatide, Joint replacement surgery, Post-surgical complications


Background: Teriparatide, a synthetic form of parathyroid hormone, has gained significant recognition as an effective treatment for osteoporosis. Its ability to stimulate bone formation and improve bone mineral density has made it a valuable therapeutic option in managing this prevalent skeletal disorder. However, its safety and potential benefits in preventing bone mineral density (BMD) loss after joint replacement surgery and post-surgical complications have yet to be extensively investigated.

Methods: This retrospective study included 32 patients who received teriparatide following joint replacement surgery for osteoarthritis. The analysis focused on assessing teriparatide’s effectiveness in any reductions in post-surgical complications and adverse events, if any.

Results: No teriparatide-related adverse events and post-surgical complications were reported during the follow-ups and the entire study duration.

Conclusions: Teriparatide demonstrated effectiveness in joint replacement patients. Further research is needed to explore long-term benefits and effects on implant longevity.


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