Arthroscopic decompression and debridement for the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament ganglion cyst in a 45-year-old female


  • Rahul Krishnan Department of Orthopaedics, Co-operative Hospital Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India
  • Sandeep Mohan Department of Orthopaedics, St Joseph’s Hospital, Karuvanchal, Kannur, Kerala, India



ACL ganglion cyst, Arthroscopic decompression and debridement, Knee pain, Review of literature


Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) cysts are infrequently encountered in clinical practice, with limited reported cases. These cysts usually present with chronic knee pain and clinical examination is usually unremarkable except for knee tenderness. Due to the lack of characteristic symptoms and deficiency of precise clinical techniques to diagnose the condition, timely diagnosis requires a high index of suspicion, supported by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Hence management of ACL ganglion cysts poses unique challenges for healthcare providers. We present a case study of a 45-year-old female with an ACL ganglion cyst successfully treated with arthroscopic decompression and debridement. This article outlines the clinical presentation, diagnostic workup, surgical intervention, and post-operative outcomes of this case, providing insights into the effective management of this uncommon condition. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive review of the existing literature on ACL ganglion cyst, emphasizing findings and treatment outcomes reported in previous studies. This case underscores the importance of considering ACL cysts in the differential diagnosis of knee pain and discomfort. Early identification and appropriate management, such as arthroscopic cyst excision, can lead to favorable outcomes and complete recovery.


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