Prospective study of surgical management of femoral shaft fractures in children using tens nail


  • Mohammed Ismail Hathiwale Department of Orthopaedics, Al Ameen Medical College, Vijayapura, Karnataka, India
  • Vishwas M. Mundewadi Department of Orthopaedics, Al Ameen Medical College, Vijayapura, Karnataka, India
  • Mohammed Nadeem Ahmed Department of Orthopaedics, Al Ameen Medical College, Vijayapura, Karnataka, India



Femur, Flynn’s criteria, Paediatric fractures


Background: Pediatric femoral shaft fractures are uncommon, constituting less than 2% of all fractures in children; yet they are a significant burden on healthcare systems and families as they are the most common fractures requiring hospitalization in children. In the recent studies, technique of flexible stable intra medullary pinning using titanium pins which is now popularly known as TENS has become the choice of operative management for pediatric femoral shaft fractures. We conducted a clinical prospective study on the use of Titanium Elastic Nailing System (TENS) for the treatment of femoral shaft fractures in children.

Methods: This prospective study was carried out at Al-Ameen Medical College and Hospital, Vijayapura. Forty patients (32 males and 8 females) aged between 5-15 years with diaphyseal femur fracture were included in our study. Patients were treated with closed reduction and internal fixation with TENS. They were followed up for 6 months both clinically and radiologically. The functional outcome was evaluated using Flynn’s scoring criteria.

Results: Forty patients were followed up for 6 months and their results were evaluated. The functional outcome using Flynn’s criteria was excellent in 24 patients, satisfactory in 14 patients and poor in 2 patients. Complications observed were limb length discrepancy, knee stiffness, superficial infection and nail protrusion.

Conclusions: TENS has the advantages of early union, early mobilization, and manageable complications, making it an excellent choice for treating paediatric shaft femur fractures in patients aged 5 to 15 years.


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