Posteromedial fragment fixation through Lobenhoffer approach in tibial plateau fractures

Vijaysing S. Chandele, Abhishek P. Bhalotia, Milind V. Ingle, Maroti R. Koichade


Background: Management of tibial plateau fractures with coronal fractures especially posteromedial fragment is frequent and challenging. This study was conducted to evaluate the functional outcome of patients with tibial plateau fractures having posteromedial fragment treated with open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) using Lobenhoffer approach.

Methods: Thirty two patients with tibial plateau fractures having posteromedial fracture alone or part of bicondylar fracture was operated with ORIF using Lobenhoffer approach. Time to union, maintenance of alignment, rate of complications and functional outcome was assessed using Oxford knee score.

Results: The mean time to healing was 16.4 weeks, without any complication in the form of non-union and infection. Malunion with secondary loss of alignment was seen in only one case due to fracture comminution and early weight bearing. Oxford knee score was good to excellent in all the cases.

Conclusions: With recent development in understanding these fractures, ORIF gives excellent to good outcome in all patients operated through Lobenhoffer approach. Long term disability can be prevented by maintenance of adequate alignment and reduction through direct visualization of fracture.


Tibial plateau fractures, Posteromedial fragment, Lobenhoffer approach

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