Radial club hand managed with ulnar osteotomy and centralization of hand: a case report and review

Pradeep Kamboj, Mayukh Mukherjee, Jitendre Wadhwani, Rahul Sharma, Mayank Jain, Kunal Arora, Aksha Mohan Garg, Abhay Tanwar, Gaurav Agarwal


Radial club hand also called radial longitudinal deficiency or radial dyspasia is a preaxial longitudinal failure of formation. As the defect is preaxial it is often associated with thumb hypoplasia or anomaly of the radial aspect of the carpus. It is diagnosed clinically and on X-rays. It is frequently syndromic so it is a must to look for associated congenital anomalies by doing a through clinical examination. The frequency of this anomaly is between 1:50000 to 1:100000 live births. The incidence of all radial ray-deficient limbs, including hypoplastic thumbs alone, is approximately 1:30000. The radial deficiency is bilateral in 50% of the cases and the male:female is 3:2. It includes a wide spectrum of disorders that encompass an absent thumb or thumb hypoplasia, a thin first metacarpal and an absent radius. We report here a 1.5 years old child with isolated type IV radial club hand without any restricted range of motion in elbow managed with osteotomy of ulna and centralization of hand.


Radial club hand, Ulnar osteotomy, Hand

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