Published: 2020-12-23

Uncommon presentation of a ganglionic cyst: a case study of intra muscular ganglion cyst of rectus femoris

Rithika Singh, P. Mohan Kumar, B. Gavaskar, E. Praveena


Ganglionic cyst most commonly occurs in hand and wrist. When it presents in uncommon location like in lower limb, it causes a diagnostic dilemma. One such case is ours, an uncommon presentation of intra muscular cystic ganglion of rectus femoris. Due to its unlikely presentation in rectus femoris, diagnosis and management was delayed. A 12 years old boy presented with complaints of pain and swelling over left lower limb in suprapatellar region. On radiographic and ultrasound examination, swelling was found to be cystic lesion in rectus femoris. Histopathological examination of biopsied specimen was found to be intra muscular ganglion cyst of rectus femoris. The patient’s general condition improved with betterment in laboratory parameters, resolution of the lesion, without any sequelae, no residual deformity and excellent clinical outcome. To consider cystic ganglion as differential diagnosis, along with intra muscular myxoma, lipoma and synovial cyst in patients with lower limb intra muscular swelling.


Cystic ganglion, Intramuscular cyst, Dilemma

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