Published: 2018-12-25

Open anterolateral fracture dislocation of ankle joint: a rare case report

Prasanna Anaberu, R. Prathik, R. Manish


Anterior ankle dislocation with associated compound bi-malleolar fracture is a rare injury. Ankle fracture dislocations most frequently occurs in young males caused by high energy trauma. The direction of the joint dislocation is determined by the position of the foot and the direction of the force being applied. A middle aged male presented to us with history of road traffic accident and was diagnosed to have anterior dislocation of right ankle joint with compound bi-malleolar fracture. Patient was taken to emergency operation theatre for wound debridement and immediate ankle reduction done under sedation. Due to wound contamination fracture fixation was delayed, once the wound healed bi-malleolar fracture fixation was done.


Ankle joint, Compound fracture, Anterior dislocation, Bi-malleolar fracture

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