Published: 2018-12-25

Arthroscopic reattachment of tibial avulsion fractures of the posterior cruciate ligament using ABS button and tightrope (Mohandas Jagsun technique)

Jagadeesh P. C., Sampath Kumar Vallabhaneni, Prathish Rao Vennamaneni, Musthafa Bhathia


Background: Avulsion fractures of tibial insertion of the posterior cruciate ligament are rare among the knee injuries. Purpose of this study is to determine the functional outcome of arthroscopic reattachment of tibial avulsion of the Posterior cruciate ligament by ABS button (Arthrex) and tight rope.

Methods: 15 Patients with PCL avulsion fracture were included. The Inclusion criteria were: 1) Displaced avulsion fractures (type-2 and type-3). They were followed at regular intervals using IKDC score, Lysholm score and subjective questionnaire.

Results: All cases showed complete osseous union during follow up. All knees are stable on examination by posterior sag sign and posterior drawer test. Two patients had loss of about 100 flexion. According to the IKDC form assessment 13 patients classified as normal and 2 were classified as near normal.

Conclusions: Arthroscopic reattachment of tibial avulsion fractures of the posterior cruciate ligament using ABS button and tightrope gives fairly good clinical outcomes. 


Posterior cruciate ligament avulsion, Knee arthroscopy, Fixation, ABS button (Arthrex), Tightrope

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