Study of operative management of proximal humerus fracture treated with locking plates

Bhavik Y. Dalal, Dipalkumar V. Rathod, Raghav Suthar, Harshal Damor


Background: This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of Philos plate and to specifically study the clinical outcome of the patient treated with Philos plate for proximal humerus fracture on the radiological head shaft angle basis.

Methods: 40 cases of proximal humerus fracture fixed by using Philos plate were reviewed.

Results: Average constant shoulder score as Neer type-3 fracture is 83.8% and for type- 4 part fracture is 86%. Average radiological union was seen at 10.2 weeks. There was no major difference in clinical and radiological union.

Conclusions: Good functional outcome with Philos plate irrespective of fracture type was obtained.


Locking plates, Proximal humerus fracture, Philos

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