Short versus standard PFN outcome analysis in unstable intertrochantric fracture

Pravin Kumar Jangde, Anant Kumar Singh


Background: Hip fractures in the elderly are frequent. Intertrochanteric hip fractures account for approximately half of all hip fractures in the elderly; of these, from 50% to 60% are classified as unstable. In our study we tried to compare outcome of unstable trochantric fracture in terms length of PFN (180 vs 240 mm).

Methods: 80 patients of unstable trochanteric fracture were randomly allotted to 2 groups who were treated with closed reduction and internal fixation with proximal femoral nail of size 180 mm(group A) and 240mm (group B). Patients in both the group were compared right from the fracture configuration till the one year post-operative period.

Results: In the study of 80 patients there were 18 males (45%) and 22 females (55%) in group 1, and 23 male (57%) and 17 female (42.5%) in group 2. Group 1 patient had a better range of movements than group 2. Femoral canal impingement was present in 6 (15%) of patients of group 1 and 28(70%) patients of group 2 showed femoral canal impingement.

Conclusions: There are very few studies which compare the length of PFN to the outcome. The standard PFN group presented with complications like femoral nail impingement and hence more thighs pain and less range of movements even after one year of follow up. We conclude that for Indian group of population who have a relatively short femora gives a better result with a shorter length implant.


Intertrochantric fracture, Fixation, Proximal femur nail

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