A study on fracture of femur shaft treatment with intramedullary interlocking nailing


  • Shivashankarappa A. Department of Orthopaedics, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Prasad N. C. Department of Orthopaedics, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Shaik Hussain Saheb Department of Anatomy, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India




Intramedullary nailing, Femur, Diaphysis fractures, Interlocking


Background: Rigid interlocking nailing for femoral shaft fracture is ideal for use in adolescents in terms of stability of the fracture and convenience for the patient. Closed reduction and intramedullary interlocking nailing is the surgical treatment of choice for the closed shaft fractures of femur. Present study conducted to study the principles of intramedullary interlocking nailing and to assess the outcome of the patient.

Methods: The present study comprises of 28 cases of fracture shaft of the femur admitted in orthopaedics wards of JJM Medical College, Davangere. Total 28 cases considered for closed intramedullary nailing.

Results: In 55% cases closed intramedullary nailing given excellent healing of fracture, in 25% cases healing was good, in 10% cases it was average and 5% cases poor healing was observed.

Conclusions: It is concluded that closed intramedullary interlocking nailing method given good result in treatment of shaft fractures of femur.


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