Published: 2018-06-23

Evaluation of talus fractures treated with fixation- correlation of functional outcome with the fracture type and wound condition

Neetin Pralhad Mahajan, Nikhil Dilip Palange, Eknath Pawar, Amit Supe, Prasannakumar G. S.


Background: Fractures of talus are one of the most difficult ones to treat owing to the problems of complicated fracture patterns, wound problems, risk of osteonecrosis etc. This study aims to evaluate the relation of the fracture type and wound with the functional outcome after open reduction and fixation.

Methods: The study was conducted in Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals from June 2014 to March 2018. A consecutive series of 28 patients with displaced fractures of talus were selected after approval from ethical committee. All patients were operated and evaluated at average of 6 months after surgery.

Results: The Hawkins score was used to evaluate the functional outcome. 60% of patients of type II gained good to very good score as compared to 40% of patients of type III and 30% of type IV. With increase in severity of the fracture, percentage of score decreased.

Conclusions: Most precise method of restoring and maintaining the anatomy of talus fracture is open reduction and internal fixation to allow early motion. Surgery for displaced fractures consists of anatomically correct reconstruction to avoid articular surface incongruence and angular deformity as well as preservation and rapid restoration of talar blood supply. This will ensure early mobilization and satisfactory outcome. Open fractures have worse functional outcome than closed fractures owing to lower union rates, higher osteonecrosis rates and higher re-operation and infection rates. 


Talus, Fractures, Hawkins, Osteonecrosis

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