Outcome of vascularised muscle pedicle bone graft for scaphoid non-union

Rajat Charan, Pankaj Kumar Verma


Background: The objective of the study was to assess the outcome of vascularised muscle pedicle bone graft for scaphoid non-union.

Methods: 14 men and 6 women aged 18-45 (mean 25) years with non-union of scaphoid involving proximal pole (n=4), waist (n=14), distal pole (n=2) were randomized to undergo vascularised muscle pedicle bone graft with Herbert screw fixation. The mean duration of non-union was 10 months (range 4-14 months).

Results: The mean follow up duration was 24 months. 17 of 20 achieved union. 12 of 20 achieved correction of both scapholunate and radiolunate angle. 5 of 20 did not achieve full correction of sacpholunate and radiolunate angle. 3 of 20 did not achieve union. 2 of these 3 were associated with proximal pole absorption. There was no hardware failure or any iatrogenic fracture during pedicle dissection.

Conclusions: The use of vascularised bone graft has proved to be an effective method for treating scaphoid non-union, especially non-union with an avascular proximal pole and those that have failed to heal after previous procedure.


Scaphoid non-union, Muscle pedicle graft, Avascular proximal pole

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