Successful treatment of nonuniting fracture ICNF with Teriparatide in young adult osteopenic male


  • Sujoy Kundu Consultant Orthopedics, Residency Chamber, Mahendra Bhatcharya Road, Santragachi, Howrah, West Bengal, India



Teriparatide, Nonunion, Avascular necrosis, Intracapsular fracture neck femur, Accelerated fracture healing, Osteopenic


We present a case of fracture intra capsular neck of femur in a young adult osteopenic patient, who had a nonunion and early signs of avascular necrosis even after the initial surgical intervention. Teriparatide was administered for two monthly doses after diagnosis of nonunion and avascular necrosis of femoral neck. 90% successful union was achieved in 2 months without further surgical intervention, and no adverse events related to the use of teriparatide were observed. Our case report shows that teriparatide can be an alternative to surgical intervention in nonunion of ICNF with early signs of avascular necrosis.


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