An isolated pisiform fracture: a case report

Gaurav P. Kalaria, Padmanabh H. Vora, Rohan R. Memon


With overall prevalence between 2% to 3%, carpal bone fractures are not encountered frequently in clinical practice. Amongst these, pisiform fractures have very low incidence of <0.2%, in which, more than half are associated with other carpal injuries, and sometimes ulnar styloid and ligamentous injuries. Thus, diagnosis of isolated pisiform fracture requires a very high index of suspicion. Hereby, authors report an isolated pisiform fracture in a 27 year old dentist who sustained an injury due to fall on outstretched hand. After radiographic confirmation in multiple views and CT scan, isolated-minimally displaced pisiform fracture was found. A below-elbow cast with slight palmar flexion was given for 4 weeks. He returned to normal pre-injury activities at 12 weeks.


Carpal bone fractures, Wrist fractures, Pisiform, Hand injuries

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