Published: 2015-12-25

Isolated sacrum tuberculosis with presacral and paraspinal abscess: case report of a common disease at uncommon site

Ganesh S. Dharmshaktu, Aanshu Singhal, Pankaj Singh


Refractory backache in the elderly calls for further evaluation to rule out any sinister underlying disorder. Radiological features with extensive destruction of bony tissue may raise suspicion of malignant process and a careful assessment with the help of advance imaging modalities along with isolation of an infective agent is necessary to establish a diagnosis of infective pathology as the cause. We, hereby, report a case of recalcitrant low back pain in the elderly that was evaluated and resulted in the final diagnosis of tuberculosis of sacrum and resultant abscess collection in the presacral and paraspinal region. Early identification of infective organism by culture resulted in early and appropriate treatment and subsequent excellent recovery.


Tuberculosis, Spine, Sacrum, Treatment, Imaging, MRI, CT, Diagnosis, Mycobacterium

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