Functional outcome of Schatzker type V and VI tibial plateau fractures managed with open reduction internal fixation using dual plates

Saranjeet Singh Jagdev, Subodh Kumar Pathak, Abhijeet Salunke, Pritam Maheshwari, Prahlad Ughareja, Shaurya Shah


Background: Complex tibial plateau fractures remain a challenge to even the most experienced surgeons. These injuries usually affect the young population in their productive years thereby causing socioeconomic impact. We performed a retrospective study to evaluate the functional outcome of of Schatzker type V and VI managed through open reduction and internal fixation.

Methods: 26 patients with Schatzker type V and type VI tibial plateau fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation using plates were included in the study. Three patients were lost to follow up, 23 patients were evaluated in the final analysis. The preoperative, intraoperative data was noted from the indoor files.The final evaluation was done using Oxford knee score and VAS score.

Results: There were nine Schatzker type V fractures and 14 patients with Schatzker type VI fractures. The mean duration of follow-up was 68.32 months ranging from 41 months to 126 months. The mean Oxford knee score was 39.78. Patients with Schatzker type VI had mean OKS of 37.7.The mean MPTA and mean PPTA were 88.75 degrees and 7.35 degrees respectively. Average VAS Score was 2.8 ranging from 1 to 3.9. All patients returned to their pre-injury level of activity and employment. There were no patients of deep infection.

Conclusions: We conclude that open reduction and internal fixation of high-energy tibial plateau fractures gives excellent to good functional outcome with minimal soft tissue complications. The complications can be minimized with proper patient selection and soft tissue dissection.


Tibial plateau fractures, Oxford knee score, Schatzker type V, Schatzker type VI, Soft tissue injury

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