Published: 2017-08-24

Treatment and evaluation of talus neck fracture

Niranjan D. Tadvi


Background: Talus fractures rank second in frequency of all tarsal bone injuries and talar neck fractures account for approximately 50% of these. The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical and radiological outcomes with a long follow-up of displaced and operatively treated talar fractures.

Methods: The study was a prospective study of ten cases of closed talar neck fracture evaluated and treated at the Department of orthopaedics, Sir.T.Hospital, Bhavnagar from 19 May 2011 to 17 March 2013. Out of ten patients, nine turned up for follow up, one was lost.

Results: Reduction was anatomical in five cases (50%), nearly anatomical in 3 cases (30%) and poor in two cases (20%). One patient (10%) developed an early superficial infection and required surgical irrigation and debridement and appropriate antibiotic treatment. Using the AOFAS ankle–hindfoot scale, the average functional score was 74.2 points. There was excellent result in one patient, good result in three cases, fair in six and no poor result fond.

Conclusions: Talar neck fractures (Hawkins type 2 and 3) treated with anatomical reduction and near anatomical reduction having satisfactory clinical and functional outcome, where as (Hawkins type 4) having fair to poor  outcome with complication like AVN, arthritis and malunion due to poor initial reduction.

Keywords: Talus neck fractures, Avascular necrosis, AOFAS ankle–hindfoot scale, Hawkins type offracture


Talus neck fractures, Avascular necrosis, AOFAS ankle–hindfoot scale, Hawkins type of fracture

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