Does functional evaluation and magnetic resonance imaging finding in a case of lumbar canal stenosis co-relate: a study of 50 cases


  • Naushad Hussain TNMC and BYL Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Nirmal Dhananjay Patil TNMC and BYL Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Akash Shakya TNMC and BYL Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Kalpesh Prakash Saindane TNMC and BYL Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India



Lumbar canal stenosis, MRI, Functional, Oswestery disability index


Background: Lumbar canal stenosis is a clinical diagnosis. MRI is used many times for making the diagnosis. But does the severity of MRI findings co-relate with functional status?

Methods: 50 cases of central lumbar canal stenosis were included in the study. The MRI findings and Oswestery Disability Index score were compared.

Results: 50% of patients with severe ODI score had no Stenosis in the MRI. MRI findings do not co-relate with the functional severity of the disease (p=0.03).

Conclusions: MRI and ODI score does not co-relate. This study reinforces the fact that one should always treat the patient and not the MRI. 


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