Published: 2017-06-23

Soft tissue allograft for primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Rahul P., Suraj H. P., Satish Shervegar, Abhilash Palla


Background: Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction has become one of the most commonly performed arthroscopic surgeries. Inspite of extensive research on available autograft options, controversy still persists regarding the ideal graft. Allograft tendons usage in orthopedic operations has increased because of its advantages. This study was conducted to assess the functional outcome in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction with soft tissue allografts.

Methods: 15 patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury presenting from 2012-2014 who underwent Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction with soft tissue allograft were the subjects of this Prospective study. Assessment of the involved knee was performed to obtain subjective measures of the clinical outcomes of the ACL reconstruction. All patients were followed up at regular intervals of 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months and 2 years.

Results: At the final follow up, the patients had an average Lysholm knee score of 85.60, Tegner score of 7.24 and IKDC score of 85.28. Knee flexion of >1200 was achieved in >80% of patients and minimal laxity in 60% patients but no functional disability in any of them. No graft failures were noted.

Conclusions: Contrary to the fear of graft failure and complications associated with allograft construct for primary ACL reconstruction, allografts yield the same clinical outcome as autografts with the advantages of reduced operative time, no donor site morbidity, preservation of native hamstring tendons, faster and comfortable rehabilitation. Allografts are a good alternative to autografts for primary ACL reconstruction.


Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Allografts, Lysholm score, Tegner score, IKDC score

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