Transiliac hernia: a case report with short review of literature

Nazmuddin Jetaji, Zubair Sorathia


The Iliac crest is considered gold standard among all types of bone graft available-natural or synthetic. There are many reported complications of bone graft harvestation but one of the rarely reported ones is hernia from the donor site. Not more than 15-20 cases have been reported in the last 10 years. We hereby report a case of hernia from the iliac crest used to harvest bone graft for a case of Femur shaft non-union and also review the relevant literature. The risk factors for this particular complication to occur are morbid obesity, female sex and old age. Bone graft substitutes should therefore be strongly considered in these patients. When harvested, the periosteum and soft tissue should be meticulously closed and repaired. CT scan is a fairly conclusive investigation for diagnosis.


Iliac crest, Hernia, Bone graft, Transiliac

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