Role of ultrasound guided suprascapular nerve block aided mobilization physiotherapy in frozen shoulder recovery: a prospective study




Frozen shoulder, Adhesive capsulitis, Suprascapular nerve block, Physiotherapy, Shoulder pain and disability index


Background: Frozen shoulder is debilitating condition marked by progressive shoulder pain and restricted mobility, affecting sleep and activities of daily living of a person. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of USG guided suprascapular nerve block aided mobilization physiotherapy for management of frozen shoulder so as to improve the quality of living of patients.

Methods: This prospective interventional study was conducted at the Department of Orthopaedics of a teaching institute of Central India from January 2021 to April 2023 after obtaining ethical clearance. Patients diagnosed with frozen shoulder and giving written consent were included in this study after considering the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Baseline demographics, symptom duration, degree of active and passive shoulder range of movement, Shoulder pain and disability index (SPADI) score were documented on day of presentation (preintervention) after which USG guided suprascapular nerve block was given. Post SSNB, 10 sessions of supervised mobilization physiotherapy was given. SPADI scores and degree of active and passive range of movement were noted at 3rd, 6th and 12th week and compared using statistical tests namely repeated measure ANOVA and chi square test of independence.

Results: A total of 54 patients enrolled in the study after meeting inclusion criteria, only 46 completed the follow up and their mean SPADI pain score and mean SPADI disability score at presentation significantly reduced at 12 weeks post intervention. Range of flexion, abduction and external rotation of shoulder also showed significant increase (p value<0.05). Number of participants with severe restriction of shoulder internal rotation also decreased after SSNB aided physiotherapy.

Conclusions: USG guided suprascapular nerve block aided physiotherapy exercise schedule is a safe and effective outpatient treatment for frozen shoulder providing early pain relief and improving shoulder mobility.


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