Proximal humerus fracture in a newborn-like a thief in the night


  • Sofia Madeira Department of Orthopaedics, Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Carolina Escalda Department of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Lisboa, Portugal



Epiphysiolysis, Newborn, Proximal humerus fracture


Epiphysiolysis of the shoulder is rare in newborns. The radiographic evaluation may be limited due to the non-ossification of the epiphyses, and it can be misdiagnosed as a dislocation. Ultrasonography and MRI provide a better answer in the diagnosis of these lesions. We describe a clinical case of an epiphysiolysis of the shoulder in a newborn baby after caesarean section. A premature born with 26 weeks and 660 g shows oedema and ecchymosis of the right shoulder. Radiographies and ultrasound show a fracture-epiphysiolysis of the proximal humerus. She was treated in a conservatory way. At 8 months old, she has no complaints and has a normal range of motion of the shoulder.


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