Dynamic hip screw versus proximal femoral nail in the treatment of intertrochanteric fracture of femur


  • Krishan Kumar Department of Orthopedics, SKR Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt Ltd., Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Harpal Singh Department of Orthopedics, SKR Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt Ltd., Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Vaibhav Khosla Department of Orthopedics, SKR Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt Ltd., Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Mandeep Mittal Department of Orthopedics, SKR Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt Ltd., Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Vijay Dattu Department of Orthopedics, SKR Hospital and Trauma Centre Pvt Ltd., Pathankot, Punjab, India




Complications, Dyanamic hip screw, Intertrochanteric fracture


Background: As the elderly population grows, the number of hip fractures continues to increase. This study aims to compare the clinical outcomes of dyanamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail in the fixation of intertrochanteric fracture of femur.

Methods: After obtaining approval of the ethics committee, a prospective study was conducted in the department of orthopedics, SKR Hospital, Pathankot from January 2021 till December 2022. Informed consent was taken from patients who fulfilled the inclusion/exclusion criteria and relevant clinical information was collected, including intra and post-operative details.

Results: During the study period, 65 patients with intertrochanteric fracture were included in the study, of which 33 were treated with PFN and 32 with DHS. It was observed that 91% of the patients who underwent PFN had blood loss less than 100 ml, while 72% of the patients who had DHS had blood loss between 100-300 ml. Mobilization started on the first postoperative day in 67% of PFN patients while as compared to 13% of DHS patients (p value <0.01). Among late complications, there was one case of implant failure among PFN cases, while there were two cases of non-union, two cases of implant failure and one case of late infection among DHS group of patients. It was observed that 91% of PFN group patients had excellent outcomes, while outcome was excellent in 66% of DHS group patients.

Conclusions: Our study showed that PFN is a superior method of osteosynthesis as compared to DHS in the treatment of intertrochanteric fractures.


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