‘From bones to burnout, delving beyond the scalpel’: prioritizing surgeon wellness for optimal patient outcomes


  • Arjun Ganesh Department of Orthopaedics, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher education and Research, Porur, Chennai, India
  • M. Mohan Kumar Department of Orthopaedics, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher education and Research, Porur, Chennai, India




Burnout, Orthopaedic surgeons , Optimal patient


Orthopaedic surgeons face significant challenges in balancing their demanding professional responsibilities with their personal lives, which can often lead to burnout and poor well-being. Orthopaedic surgeons face a variety of multifaceted stressors which lead to burnout and have significant impacts on their well-being and the quality of patient care. Here, we present an overview of relevant literature and provide evidence-based recommendations for a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to implement strategies to mitigate their effects.


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