Published: 2022-06-24

Pure internal subtalar dislocation: review of 5 cases

Mohamed Sidibe, Mohamed Lamine Bah, Fode Mahamoud Sylla, Minkailou Camara, Alhassane Soumah, Serge Ntungwanayo


Pure subtalar dislocation is a rare injury. It accounts for 1% of dislocations seen in trauma. It involves a loss of anatomical relationship between the talus, calcaneus and scaphoid, but the tibio-peroneal-astragalic congruence is maintained.  The aim of this study was to find an explanation between the occurrence of subtalar dislocation in its medial variety and the Jakarta motorbike crash.  Five male patients who had fallen from a Jakarta motorbike were included. Two cases of open dislocation were reported. They received wound trimming under spinal anaesthesia. We proceeded to reduce the dislocation using a boot puller maneuver and restraint with a plaster boot. The postoperative course was simple with wound healing. The casting lasted 6 weeks but was extended to 8 weeks for open dislocations. After removal of the cast, rehabilitation was prescribed for all patients. This consisted mainly of proprioception in order to restore the functions of the ankle. At a mean follow-up of 25.2 months, the patients did not complain of pain or stiffness and the X-rays taken were normal.


Dislocation, Subtalar, Accident, Jakarta motorbike

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