Limb reconstruction system as a primary and definitive mode of fixation in open fractures of long bones

Abhijit Bhimrao Kale, Vivek Vishwanath Patole, Harshad Ganesh Argekar, Sudhir Sharan, Arvind Balkrishna Goregaonkar


Background: Management of open fractures of long bones by the traditional systems is very complex. Limb reconstruction system (LRS) was considered as very effective, and offers rigid stabilization of fracture fragments and with an easy access to soft tissue care. The aim of the study was to determine the efficacy of LRS for treatment of open fractures of long bones.

Methods: This prospective study included 30 cases of both the sexes aged between 11-60 years. Patients with closed fractures of long bones and fractures treated conservatively were excluded from the study. Their clinical and radiological evaluation will be done at presentation and certain specific intervals and evaluated for signs of bone union and associated complications.

Results: The mean age of the patients participated in the study was 35.6 years with male predominance (93.3%). All patients (100%) were injured by road traffic accidents. 50% of the cases were of Grade 2 type of fractures. The most common complication encountered was pin tract infections seen in 8 cases. We had good results in 24 patients, moderate in 5 and poor in 1 patient using modified Anderson and Hutchinson’s criteria.

Conclusions: LRS is an alternative to the traditional system of fixation in the primary management of open fractures of long bones. It is less cumbersome to the patient and more patient friendly in terms of reducing financial burden also. It is a definitive single stage procedure.



Open fractures, Long bones, Limb reconstruction system

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