Haglund’s disease: surgical outcome of calcaneal osteotomy

Veerabhadra Javali, Virupaksha N. Reddy


Background: The aim of the present study was to assess the surgical outcome of Haglund’s disease by calcaneal osteotomy.

Methods: 23 cases of Haglund’s disease who failed to respond to conservative treatment were considered for surgery. Parallel pitch lines were drawn in the lateral view radiograph of the calcaneum and the bursal projection to be resected was assessed. All cases were surgically treated with calcaneal osteotomy through lateral approach and followed.

Results: 23 cases of Haglund’s disease were treated with this procedure and 21 were available for follow up. The mean follow-up was 15 months. The mean preoperative AOFAS score of 60.57 points (SD= 3.23) and postoperative score of 88.71 points (SD= 3.92) was obtained. Three minor complications were noted.

Conclusions: The results of the current study suggest that calcaneal ostectomy produces outcomes that justify surgical intervention in cases of Haglund’s disease.


Haglund’s disease, Calcaneal osteotomy, Retrocalcaneal bursitis

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