Reconstruction of metacarpal bone giant cell tumor by metatarsal bone


  • Saikat Sau Department of Orthopedics, IPGMER SSKM Hospital, Kolkata West Bengal, India



Giant cell tutor, Metacarpal, k wire, Metatarsal bone


Giant cell tumour of hand bones is not common especially in metacarpals. Considering its more aggressive behaviour and higher recurrence rate in metacarpals as compared to the other long bones, enblock resection of involved metacarpal is often required. Following resection of metacarpal, the available reconstruction techniques include metatarsal substitution, vascularized or non-vascularized fibular graft, and iliac crest strut graft. We describe a new technique of metacarpal reconstruction using a metatarpal bone and augment with k wire inside it. This new technique ensures good local control of disease, good hand function, maintains aesthetic appearance of hand associated with other reconstruction options.


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