Assessment of functional outcome of operative management of displaced acetabular fractures and complications

Jawed A. Bhat, Tabasum Akbar, Abdul Hanan Javaid, Faizan Javaid, Faesal Mir, Nasir Mir


Background: Aim of the study was to assess the functional outcome of operative management of displaced acetabular fractures and complications.

Methods: The study included sixty patients presenting within 2 weeks with displaced fractures of more than 2 mm. Elderly patients with osteoporotic bones and co-morbid conditions were excluded.

Results: A total of sixty patients were operated on. Union was achieved in anatomical position in 51 patients (85%) and in malposition in 9 (15%) patients. Excellent results were obtained in 15 (25%) patients, good results in 32 (53%), fair results in 7 (11.6%) and poor results in 6 (10%) patients. Post operative complications included infection in 2 (3%), sciatic nerve injury in 2 (3%) and avascular necrosis (AVN) in 3 (5%) patients.

Conclusions: In the present study, majority of the patients were operated within two weeks. The Harris hip score averaged 58.


Displaced acetabular fractures, Anatomical reduction, AVN

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