Published: 2021-06-23

Clinico-radiological and functional outcomes of bicolumnar plating in schatzker type 5 and type 6 fractures of proximal tibia in tertiary care hospital in North India: a series of 26 patients

Pankaj Vir Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Manmeet Singh, Abdul Ghani, Amarjeet Singh, Zubair A. Lone


Background: Ideal mode of treatment is always debatable for Schatzker type 5 and type 6 fractures in proximal tibia. The aim of the study was management in tibial plateau fracture are to obtain anatomic reduction of the articular surface, restoration of axial alignment, and achieve stable fixation which can be done by open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) using bicolumnar plating.

Methods: 26 patients with Schatzker type 5 and type 6 fractures were managed by bicolumnar plating. They were followed up to six months in terms of radiological union, functional outcomes and complications. Functional outcome at the end of follow up was assessed using knee society scoring system.

Results: Good to excellent results were obtained in almost all the patients using knee society scoring system, mean knee ROM achieved was 114.5 degree. Average time to achieve radiological union was 14.4 weeks. These results were in comparison with the studies done earlier.

Conclusions: Bicolumnar plating is an effective method of treatment of Schatzker type 5 and type 6 fractures and provide excellent result in expert hands. Rehabilitation using early CPM (continuous passive movement) is very effective in reducing the post-operative complications like knee stiffness.



Tibial plateau fractures, Schatzker, Bicolumnar plating

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