Modified Mclaughlin procedure for neglected posterior dislocation of shoulder: short-term results

Shreekantha Koteshwara Surendra Rao, Deepak Malik, Gowthama Pradhaban, Mohammed Usman


Between 2017 to 2020, A prospective case series for assessment of short-term outcomes was carried out on 10 shoulders with 3 being bilateral cases and diagnosed as neglected posterior dislocation of shoulder at a tertiary care centre and treated with the Modified Mclaughlin procedure. All patients had articular defect ranging from 27-46% as confirmed with computerised tomography. All the surgeries were carried out by a single team of surgeons. After 24 weeks follow up of 10 shoulders with mean age 32 years, all patients were found to have excellent results in terms of ROWE and constant score. Patients had significant reduction in VAS score. Timely diagnosis of articular involvement plays a vital role in management for which computed tomography has a pivotal role. Depending upon the articular involvement, line of management is to be decided. So, it can be concluded that, in cases of articular defect >25% following posterior dislocation of shoulder, better outcomes can be achieved with modified Mclaughlin procedure in terms of radiographic union and clinical scoring.


Posterior shoulder dislocation, Modified Mclaughlin procedure, Reverse Hill-Sachs lesion, Triple E syndrome

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