Role of volar plating in unstable distal radial fractures in elderly patients in tertiary teaching hospital

Santhosh Kumar S., Amarnath Surat, Rami Reddy M., K. Satya Kumar


Background: Aim of the study was to investigate the efficacy of volar locking plate fixation for unstable distal radical fractures DRFs in the elderly population (60 years old and older).

Methods: An ethical committee approved the study protocol for research studies at NRI medical college. We included only unstable distal radial fractures in elderly patients between 60 to 70 years, and patients who consent to the study. We excluded patients with comorbid conditions and below 60 years and patients with vascular injuries. Results were evaluated by the DASH questionnaire and Gartland and Werley scores.

Results: According to Gartland and Werley score, 30 patients (85.7%) had excellent and good results. According to the DASH score, 31 patients (88.5%) had excellent and good results, and four patients (11.4%) had fair results. The most commonly noted complications in our study were arthritis (2 cases 5.7%), extensor pollicis longus tendon irritation (1 case 2.9%), and Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (1 case 2.9 %).

Conclusions: Locked compression plate in unstable distal radius fractures provides excellent results with an effective correction of distal radius anatomy. Early range of movements of joints leads to a good outcome and return to regular activity.



Radius fracture, Elderly patient, Volar locking plate

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