Ulnar longitudinal deficiency: a rare case report and review

Akshay Lamba, Naresh Kumar, Chaitanya Krishna, Sargam Chhabra


Ulnar hemimelia is a rare postaxial partial or complete longitudinal deficiency of ulna. It has an estimated incidence of 1/100,000-150,000 live births, with a male to female ratio of 3:2. There is usually ulnar deviation of hand and shortening of forearm. Radial head subluxation and fixed flexion deformity of the hand may be associated with it. Complex carpal, metacarpal, and digital abnormalities including absence of triquetrum, capitate and three fingered hand (tridactyly) are additional findings commonly found in association. Here, we present a case of a 17-year-old female with left sided ulnar club hand due to isolated partial ulnar aplasia.


Aplasia, Ectromelia, Hemimelia, Ulna, Upper extremity deformities, Congenital

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