Published: 2020-10-22

Poland syndrome, a rare congenital disorder with no functional deficit: a case report

Jalaz Jain, Priyanjal Jakhar, Ankit Mittal, Ravi Sihag, Kunal Bajaj, Vibhuti Kumar


Poland syndrome is a rare congenital syndrome. Most of the reported cases are sporadic, pattern of genetic inheritance is not known. It is an anomaly in which there is underdeveloped or absent pectoralis major and minor muscles leading to abnormal appearance of chest on the involved side. Most cases are unilateral with minimal functional abnormality in majority of the cases but with major cosmetic concerns for the patient. Surgery is rarely indicated but if required is done mainly for cosmetic purposes. We report a case of Poland syndrome in a young healthy individual as it started becoming evident.


Poland syndrome, Chest wall, Pectoralis major

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