Published: 2020-12-23

Comparative analysis between locking compression plate and Joshi's external stabilization system in the management of proximal tibial fractures

Amit Dwivedi, Anupinder Sharma, Vaibhav Ashta, Robium Nairobi, Sunandan Nandi


Background: Proximal tibial fractures present with a variety of patterns. They are mostly treated using plate osteosynthesis or Joshi's external stabilization system (JESS) depending upon the injury configuration and surgeon preference. We have compared the efficacy of plate fixation to JESS in the treatment of complex proximal tibial fractures.

Methods: 36 patients of proximal tibial fractures with a mean age of 47 years were included in the study, 20 were treated using plate osteosynthesis while the other 16 were treated using JESS, they were followed up at regular intervals till 24 weeks and the progress was recorded in accordance with the knee society score (KSS) parameters

Results: 20 patients were treated using plate osteosynthesis, 18 of them had excellent KSS scores, 2 patients recorded good scores, average range of flexion was 126o, no incidences of superficial or deep infections were seen in any of them. Bone consolidation was achieved around 12 weeks in plate fixation group of the16 patients treated using JESS, 12 had excellent scores, 4 recorded a good score, average range of flexion was 118o, superficial infection was seen in 2 patients, with no incidence of deep infection. Bone consolidation was achieved around 16 weeks in JESS group.

Conclusions: Both open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) with plating and JESS appear to be adequate fixation methods for complex proximal tibial fractures, but as per our study plate fixation resulted in earlier bone consolidation and gave a slightly better functional outcome compared to JESS.


Locking compression plate, JESS, Schatzker, KSS

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