Published: 2020-12-23

Detection of total hip arthroplasty at airport securities

Ashok Raju Gottemukkala, Praful Kilaru, Pushpak Reddy Chada, Rahul Suna, Maryada Venkatwar Reddy, Annapareddy Venkata Gurava Reddy


Background: In era of increased air travel, airport security screening measures has been increased. A lot of anxiety to the patient, that may trigger an alarm at airport securities post-surgery. The purpose of this study is to find out experiences of patients after total hip arthroplasty (THA) passing through airport security.  

Methods: A retrospective case series of 269 THA patients in a single high-volume center from January 2016 to June 2018, who had passed through airport security and met inclusion criteria. Patient were contacted during their regular follow ups or via phone. The patients were asked for alarm trigger, perceived inconvenience, whether security officials asked to show documentation regarding prosthesis, and any extra screening procedures check measures.

Results: Out of 269 patients, 52 patients met inclusion criteria travelling by airplane. 27 patients reported alarm trigger. 7 patients had to undergo additional security check measures. 43% of the patients believed that having their THA increased the inconvenience while traveling.  

Conclusions: This study provides information to surgeons regarding airport travel post THA. Patients can be counselled regarding the inconvenience and to be prepared for delays in airport and to be prepared to present documentation of their prosthesis.


Airport, Total hip arthroplasty, Security check

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