Functional outcome following external fixator (JESS) application for proximal humeral fractures

Om P. Gupta, Arun Vashisht, Avinash Rastogi, Naman Gupta, Utkarsh Shahi, Gunjan Goyal


Background: Proximal humeral fractures account for 5% of all fractures. Observed frequently in older osteoporotic patients but found in young patients with high-energy trauma.About 80% of these fractures are undisplaced or minimally displaced. Non-operative method requiring immobilization of shoulder often leads to a stiff shoulder, whereas surgical procedures such as plating need excessive soft tissue dissection. It was overcome in this study by less soft tissue dissection by use of external fixator application and early mobilization.

Methods: Total of 18 patients mean age 40.5 years, predominantly male (16/18) treated with external fixator - JESS (Joshi’s external immobilization system) for Neer’s two, three and four part proximal humeral fractures. Vehicular accidents were the most common mode of injury followed by fall. There were 8 cases each of Neer's two and three part fractures. Shoulder mobilization started within a week as postoperativelyas pain allowed. Patients followed up at 3, 6, 12 and 18 weeks for pain, function, range of motion and anatomy with check X-ray. After radiological union at 8-10 weeks JESS was removed. Cases were evaluated for functional result by constant scoring system.

Results: Average score on constant scoring system was 72 after a mean follow-up of 6 months. All fractures united in mean duration of 9.33 weeks. The complications included shoulder stiffness in one case and pin tract infection in two cases.

Conclusions: Early shoulder mobilization a prerequisite for good results can be achieved without compromising fracture union. Less soft tissue dissection required and significant cost effective.


Proximal humeral fracture, External fixator, JESS

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