Long term outcome of ipsilateral dislocation of open displaced elbow with close shoulder dislocation: a case report


  • Vitthal Bhardwaj Orthopaedic Hospital, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India
  • Kuldeep Nahar Department of Orthopaedic, GRMI, Ahmedabad, India




Open elbow dislocation, Ipsilateral, Shoulder dislocation


52 years old man presented with open dislocation of elbow due to road traffic accident was not complaining of another joint injury or pain was radiographed as per protocol of including the adjacent shoulder joint and incidentally discovered with anterior dislocation of shoulder was treated with close reduction of shoulder dislocation and debridement  as well as reduction and trans fixation of ulno-humeral joint with k-wires. Skin coverage later was done. Patient recovery was excellent in terms of motion at both joints. The purpose of reporting of this case is to convey a message that ipsilateral dislocation of shoulder and elbow is a very rare occurrence but do occur and a high degree of suspicion and imaging protocol can save from missing this event.


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