Total elbow arthroplasty for end-stage rheumatoid elbow arthritis with major instability: a case report

Diogo A. Sousa, Rita Sapage, Carlos Branco, Rita Sousa, Joao Reis, Antonio L. Lopes, Antonio G. Cruz


A 73 years old female diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years with an end-stage right elbow arthritis (stage V of Larsen’s classification) with a major instability. The patient presented gross deformity and severe pain with critical limitation of limb function. The patient was treated with a total elbow arthroplasty with an intraoperative olecranon fracture. At six months follow up, the patient presents with an excellent active range of motion and painless joint, without daily activities limitation.


Rheumatoid arthritis, Elbow instability, Elbow arthritis, Total elbow arthroplasty

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