Tuberculosis of sternoclavicular joint: a rare case report

Atil Kumar Lal, Sudhir Shyam Kushwaha, Ajay Bharti, Mahima Pandey


Osteoarticular tuberculosis comprises 10-15% of the all cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Tubercular involvement of the sternoclavicular joint is very rare. We hereby present a rare case report of the 38 year old female with sternoclavicular joint tuberculosis with cold abscess. The diagnosis was confirmed by FNAC and on ZN staining AFB was isolated. Patient was managed successfully by the anti-tubercular therapy at the end of the treatment. So, a degree of suspicion of the tuberculosis at these rare sites along with investigation followed by anti-tubercular therapy leads to successful treatment of the disease.


FNAC, Sternoclavicular joint tuberculosis, ZN staining

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