Published: 2020-06-23

Comminuted fracture of patella treated by primary Ilizarov external fixation: a case report

Godhasiri Ponugoti, Harshad Mohanlal Shah, Sandeep Reddy, Namratha C. Kolsur


Tension band wiring (TBW) is the conventional procedure for transverse patellar fractures. Comminuted fractures of patella are difficult to treat by TBW. Routine osteosynthesis procedures are prone for infection, implant failure and symptomatic hardware in such cases. We are reporting a case of comminuted patellar fracture in a 62 years old lady treated by Ilizarov external fixator. Patient presented with h/o fall and injury to right knee. There was swelling of the right knee. She was unable to bear weight and move her knee. Radiograph revealed a comminuted patellar fracture. Pre-operative evaluation was done. Ilizarov external fixation was done under spinal anaesthesia with one half ring and 5 trans osseous Ilizarov wires. The patient was allowed full weight bearing. Knee ROM was allowed. The fixator was removed after 4 months and physiotherapy continued. The patient was followed up for 3 years. She has full range of knee movements and is able to squat and sit cross-legged and the radiographs show good union. The Ilizarov external fixator in this case helped us to treat a comminuted fracture without opening of the fracture site and has prevented complications.


Patella fracture, Comminuted fracture Patella, Ilizarov fixation of patella, External fixation for patella fractures

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