Published: 2020-04-22

Bilateral symmetrical anterior fracture dislocation of shoulder

Yogendra Kumar, Shashi Kul Bhaskar, Bharti Lal, Vijendra Gahnolia


The incidence of simultaneous bilateral shoulder joint dislocation is rare and is almost always posterior usually caused by violent muscle contraction as in patients with seizure disorders or who experience electric shock or undergo electroconvulsive therapy. simultaneous bilateral fracture-dislocation is even rarer, with a few cases reported in the literature. We report an unusual case with dislocation of the both shoulder joints in anterior direction after a seizure episode, With symmetrical unifocal 2-part extraarticular vertical fracture of proximal end segment of humerus (11A3) both sides. Although there have been a few reports of bilateral symmetrical fracture dislocations of the shoulder in the past, an injury pattern resembling our case has, to the best of our knowledge, not been described in the literature so far. Our report describes regarding the mechanism of injury in a case of a bilateral symmetrical anterior fracture dislocation following a seizure episode that treated with open reduction internal fixation using proximal humerus internal locking system (PHILOS). At final follow-up, the patient had healed fractures, painless near normal range of motion.


Symmetrical, Bilateral, Anterior fracture dislocation, Seizures

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