Published: 2020-02-25

Joint preservation surgery: a priority to be thought of in selective hip osteoarthritis

Subramaian Kanthalu Narayanan, Rajesh Sellappan


Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is one of the causes of hip arthritis. If FAI diagnosed earlier and treated properly, arthritis of hip and eventual total hip replacement (THR) can be potentially avoided. We report 48 yr male who presented with left hip severe pain, limp, restricted movements and unable do daily day activities. He is diagnosed to have pincer type of lesion in the acetabular rim and we did arthroscopic excision of the protruding fragment. The patient now has a pain free joint and able to squat and sit cross leg. His pre-operative oxford hip score was 30 which improved to 54. 


FAI, Arthroscopy, THR

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