Primary intra-articular osteotomy for varus malunion of the medial condyle of the tibial plateau

Jeremy Bliss, Dan Barnabas Inja, Manasseh Nithyananth, Vinoo Mathew Cherian


Background: Reconstructive operative procedures for post-traumatic deformities of the tibial plateau have been described in literature, though rarely. We report short term follow-up of eleven such cases of primary intra-articular osteotomy.

Methods: From 2005 through 2011, a primary intra-articular osteotomy for varus malunion of the medial condyle of the tibial plateau was performed in eleven consecutive cases. The patients were assessed clinically and radiologically at a minimum of 28 months post-operatively. The functional outcome was assessed using Rasmussen score.  Paired ‘t’ test was used to determine the statistical significance.

Results: There were eleven male patients. Average follow up was 59 months (range 28 to 159). Articular congruity was restored to acceptable in all patients and varus malalignment was corrected from a mean of 1.5 degrees varus to 5.7 degrees of valgus (statistically significant, two-tailed P value of 0.0056) to an extent comparable to the normal side (mean 5.8 degrees). There were no infections. All patients had good to excellent functional outcome.

Conclusions: A primary intra-articular osteotomy and osteosynthesis for malunited medial condyle fracture of the tibial plateau would help to restore mechanical alignment and improve functional outcome.


Varus malunion, Intra-articular osteotomy, Medial tibial plateau

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