Calcaneal lengthening osteotomy for treatment of idiopathic flexible flat foot in children

Sayed El-Etewy Soudy


Background: The modified Evans osteotomy ‎technique of calcaneal osteotomy was reported to be effective in correction of flexible flat foot in restoring foot alignment.

Methods: The ‎modified Evans technique of calcaneal lengthening osteotomy was used in treatment of 18 feet of 12 patients. The mean follow-up period was 24 months (18-42). The etiology was idiopathic flexible flat foot deformity in all patients. Preoperative ‎conservative therapy was tried in all patients. For ‎clinical ‎evaluation a modified point scoring system containing 32 points for patients' ‎assessment with added 4 points for radiological evaluation the total of score became ‎‎36 points.

Results: According to the modified points scoring system the results were ‎satisfactory in 16 feet (88.9%) and unsatisfactory in two feet (11.1%) at the final ‎follow up All osteotomies were united within a mean time of 11 months (range 9-14 ‎months). All 6 angles were measured at the end of the follow up and assessed as ‎points added to the 32 points score. The score in 14 feet (77.7%) were (4) having the 6 ‎angels within normal values. The values from 4 angles were within normal values and ‎take score 3 in 3 feet (16.5%). In one foot (5.5%), 3 angles felt in normal range with ‎score 2. ‎ 

Conclusions: Calcaneal lengthening osteotomy for symptomatic flexible flat foot ‎is effective in correction of the deformity and pain relief.


Flexible, Flat foot, Calcaneal, Lengthening, Osteotomy

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